2024 House League Registration (Orangeville & Headwaters Minor Baseball)

Print2024 House League Registration

Hello Bengals,

Believe it or not Spring and the 2024 Baseball Season is just around the corner. With that our registration is now open for House League. Please follow the instructions below in order to register. It is recommended to use a laptop or desktop, however a cell phone does work.

Step 1: Visit https://register.sportsheadz.com/association/21

Step 2: Create a Sportsheadz account. If you already have an account, simply login.
-Click "Sign In" 
-Under the sign in fields, click "Sign Up"
-Enter your information, confirm account through email

Step 3: Add "Participants" (the child you're registering - yes, each kid needs to be created)
-Click "My Account" on desktop or the three lines in the top right corner on your phone 
-Select "Participants" from drop down menu
-Click "Create"
-Enter information for the child you are registering 
-Click "Create"
-Repeat as necessary for multiple children

Step 4: Find League & Division
-Click "Leagues & Clubs" on desktop or Select "Leagues & Clubs" from the drop down menu on your phone
-Find & Click "Orangeville & Headwaters Minor Baseball Association"
-Find the appropriate division based on birth year for your child
-May need to scroll all the way down and click "see more" 
-Make sure to select "House League" and not "Rep"
-Click "Register Now"
-Select child you wish to register
-If processing registrations for multiple children, click "Keep Shopping" and repeat Step 4.

Step 5: Checkout
-Once all registrations have been added, click "Proceed to Checkout"
-Click "Fill out Form" and complete form for each registration
  -Add Jumpstart application number if you have applied for Jumpstart funding.
-Click "Continue to Checkout"
-Enter Payment information