Insurance (Orangeville & Headwaters Minor Baseball)



On Thursday, August 10 Baseball Ontario and Gallagher Insurance hosted a town hall to share information on Liability, Sport Accident and D&O coverage, as well as certificates of insurance. Member clubs had a chance to ask questions directly to our brokerage service team.



Baseball Ontario has renewed its insurance coverages for the 2023 season.

Unfortunately, like with most things in the marketplace recently, insurance premiums have increased significantly. As such, the rate per person for the 2023 term is $6.35 per person.

The increase is entirely as a result of increased premiums charged by the insurer, and the Baseball Ontario administration fee has not changed. Coverages include general liability, sport accident, abuse, and directors & officers insurance.

The insurance application deadline is June 15th, with a payment deadline of August 1st, 2023.



Affiliated associations are now able to create certificates of insurance for their member clubs.  Please click the link below to complete the request form.



Please remember that all accidents must be reported to the office within 30 days.  Our policy requires that we notify the Insurance Company by this deadline, or risk coverage being denied.  In some cases, expenses are not incurred right away (IE: physiotherapy), and so to avoid a possible rejection of claim based on timing, please ensure Baseball Ontario is made aware of all injuries, whether or not it is obvious that treatment will be required.

Please have the appropriate person complete and submit the Injury Report Form immediately to Baseball Ontario, and then provide the injured party with the Insurance Claim Form in case expenses are incurred that are not covered by their personal insurance.


For teams wishing to travel outside the province, travel approval is required from your local association and your affiliated association. Please contact your local association and or Affiliate for the next steps. Baseball Ontario approval is no longer required


Teams are not covered under the accident policy.  ONLY LIABILITY coverage extends beyond Canada.

Whether it be for tournaments or inter-league play, the team is obligated to ensure that all participants have Out of Country Accident Coverage.

ENSURE your provider specifically covers you for SPORT ACCIDENT.

Many insurance companies offer this and it is not required that you purchase it through our carrier.

Otherwise, travel insurance can now be purchased through our broker, Gallagher Insurance.

Alternatively, teams can have parents sign off to the understanding that the team has not purchased travel medical for the team and that they will be responsible for any treatment sought out of country through whatever personal coverage they have or obtain.

GOT QUESTIONS?  Email  [email protected] for more information.