Statement of Direction (Orangeville & Headwaters Minor Baseball)

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The Orangeville and Headwaters Minor Baseball Association (OHMBA)

is dedicated to advancing the cause of baseball in the Headwaters Region, as articulated in the objectives of our constitution. Our mission is to foster sportsmanship, ensure a secure playing environment, and safeguard the collective interests of players within our designated territory.

Our Vision:

Baseball as an integral part of the social fabric and culture of the Orangeville and Headwaters community, fostered through active collaboration between local baseball/softball organizations, members, businesses, municipal governments, and other key stakeholders.

Our Mission:

To offer high-quality baseball programs to the youth aged 4-21 in the Orangeville & Headwaters area and to be recognized as one of the premier youth baseball organizations in Ontario at all levels, including House League, Select, and Representative.

Our Program:

We understand that youth sports go beyond mere victories or defeats on the field. At OHMBA, our emphasis extends beyond shaping young baseball players; we are dedicated to cultivating robust leaders and actively contributing to our broader community for a positive impact. The essence of the Bengals program lies in three foundational principles: community, leadership, and development.

Our Core Values:

Passion for Baseball Excellence: OHMBA is committed to cultivating a passion for baseball excellence by promoting skill development, teamwork, and a genuine love for the game.

Inclusivity and Diversity: We embrace and champion an inclusive and diverse baseball community that warmly welcomes players, coaches, umpires, and supporters of all backgrounds and abilities.

Sportsmanship and Fair Play: OHMBA upholds the values of sportsmanship and fair play, emphasizing respect for opponents, officials, and teammates both on and off the field.

Safe and Positive Environment: Ensuring the safety and well-being of our players is our top priority. OHMBA is steadfast in providing a secure and positive environment where every player has the right to enjoy the game.

Community Engagement: OHMBA actively engages with the community to promote the growth of baseball, forging strong connections and partnerships that contribute to the overall development of the sport in the Headwaters Region.

Player Advocacy: OHMBA is dedicated to protecting and promoting the mutual interests of our players, advocating for their rights and ensuring they have a voice within the association.

Effective Management and Regulation: OHMBA strives to manage and regulate House League, Select, and Representative divisions efficiently. This includes overseeing players, coaches, umpires, and scheduling to maintain a well-organized and structured baseball program.

At OHMBA, we are driven by our mission and guided by these core values to create a thriving baseball community that reflects the spirit of the game and fosters the personal and athletic development of all participants.